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Lounging through lockdown

It’s that time of year, the virus has taken prevalence over what once was considered our regular lives, and we must all return to our little spaceships, looking at life from a distance.

So, grow your hair out

Take up improvisational living room ballet

Burn incense!

Listen to the sound of an egg frying

Embrace your melancholy

I believe there to be great value in dealing with adversity through embracing it. There is great beauty in tragedy, in embracing our moods. I believe we should empower these feelings, when feeling melancholy listen to King Krule, Chet Baker or anything that allows you to feel more intensely. Decorate your living space in a way that allows you to dream away a little.

Reality is a perspective that we should feel comfortable leaving every once in a while.

Find an aesthetic that excites you

Create an atmosphere that takes you away from it all

Lend from music, writing, film, eachother and allows yourselves to feel it all

As crude as another lockdown is, I refuse to participate in a gloomy world

I will create my own little reality, at least within these four walls that will confine me for the time being

Read a book, take a bath, sleep in a tent inside your kitchen

Explore your house, every nook and cranny, alienate yourself from it so that you may experience the profound joy of wonder again

Find your groove, your curve, your 10m2 choreography

Get to know yourself: write, create, think, build, break, dance, sink

So that you too may resurface in a million different ways

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