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Curriculum Vitae

I am an Interdisciplinary thinker and do-er with an interest in (the intersection of) law, technology and economics. I enjoy and do well in analysis of complex problems, attempting to understand what root causes drive certain issues. I believe that there are a lot of interesting approaches to analysis that can be found using cross- or interdisciplinary thinking. My aim is to develop a broader understanding of a great variety of topics, in combination with the ability to delve deep into specific fields.

For an overview of what I've done academically and creatively you can check out my "Digital Works", "Video Works", and "Writings" pages respectively. For a complete overview of all I've done (that's worth mentioning) you can download my CV by pressing the purple button that reads "Download CV". I'm sure you'll be able to figure it all out.



University College Tilburg, Liberal Arts and Sciences

Liberal Arts and Sciences comes from the Greek Artes Liberales, which refers to the idea that an education should provide an allround understanding of several different disciplines. In the case of University College Tilburg these disciplines are the Humanities, Neuroscience, the Social Sciences, Business and Economics, and Law. Besides
my general knowledge in all five fields, I've committed to studying the field of law more in depth, with a focus on law in an international context. Furthermore, I've pursued half a year of philosophy during my exchange to the University of Antwerpen to further round out and complement my education. All in all my focus with this bachelor has been on breadth of knowledge in combination with occasional deep dives into specific fields.


Fontys hogeschool voor journalistiek, Journalism

Received a propaedeutic degree in Journalism. During this year I was involved in setting up a variety of projects and events, most notably a large school-wide event to educate students on fact-checking and a work group which sat down with experienced journalists on a daily basis to gain insight into the editorial process of a variety of newspapers.

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