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To create is to live

Fvckcollege.goroadtrip must really be understood as a project consisting out of three different stages. In its origins, the project was an overwhelming feeling of freedom to which our natural response was to undertake the trips we did. It was then, during and around these trips, that we’d have a set of experiences which latched onto and mixed with our traveling, part of this was 20s.depression, part of this was our experience in that docile bodies concert in the warehouse and part of it was our desire to create. In this way the travels functioned as a backdrop for new (mental) connections, new ideas and insights into our own lives. Finally there is fvckcollege.goroadtrip as the project which you’re currently reading. Creating this project in a way shapes the way I remember, categorize and make sense of the experiences we’ve had. Ultimately, looking back, fvckcollege.goroadtrip came down to one big point. To create, is to live. It’s through the constant traveling, the new experiences, the meeting of people, and (most importantly) the many conversations that these new ideas developed. We’d travel, return to Tilburg, share our experiences, reflect upon them, and then, during our next trip, work with these new experiences and insights to create new ideas. We’d stumbled upon a lifestyle which was immensely rich in its creative potential. In a sense, the evolution from fvckcollege.goroadtrip as the embodiment of freedom to fvckcollege.goroadtrip as the embodiment of constant creation was a natural one. There was nothing more freeing that being able to come up with new ideas and being able to leave our old ideas behind with every train ride we took. Most importantly, and this is my dearest insight from the entire process, interplay is more interesting than soloism, and rein (pure) interplay is more rare than anything else that is of any relevance in this world. None of these things would have been possible without my dearest friend Zuzanna, for which I am forever grateful.

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The idea for traveling weekly was founded in a hazy studio apartment


20s.depression was founded


Left for our second trip to Prague


We created our video project "movement"


fvckcollege.goroadtrip was completed


Docile Bodies performed


Left for our first trip to Vienna


Left for our final trip to Northern Italy


I started working on fvckcollege.goroadtrip as a digital collage


Zuzanna and I on our trip to Italy

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